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Patty pulled uselessly against the cuffs that trapped her wrists against the bondage horse. Her body had been bent over the horse, the cuffs placed in such a way that her wrists were closer to her legs causing her shoulders to strain uncomfortably; everything about her position was uncomfortable. Her ankles were shoulder width apart, welded to the legs with cuffs that were built into the bondage contraption. Her breasts were pillowed by the ledge in-between the gap in the horse, providing both a lift and mash of her mammaries like a perverted push up bra. A metal extension had been welded onto the horse with a collar on the end of it, Patty’s neck was locked into the collar, her neck forced to extend and remain looking forward at shoulder level. A ring gag had also been forced into her mouth. Patty thought anything would be better than the rubber ball that had caused her jaws to ache, but the ring gag did nothing to alleviate that ache, plus, she was well aware that the gaping O her mouth formed left all kinds of possibilities, none of them good.

Patty furtively tried to look around, but the black cloth that served as a blindfold prevented her from taking in her surroundings. While she was robbed of sight, she could still hear Elsa grunting into her gag, valiantly fighting against her restraints.

Frankie and Frannie had thrown Elsa against a St. Andrew’s Cross, putting her in the restraints while she struggled to catch her breath. She was still in the garish police uniform and her gag remained unchanged, drool spilling from around the rubber stopping her mouth and dripping onto her exposed breasts. Once embarrassed by the drool, Elsa was actually grateful for the cool liquid on her overheated skin. Elsa looked at Patty with sympathy, she knew the next day was going to be rough. They were in a BDSM playroom, the room outfitted with much of the same gear Elsa had seen when perusing Capello’s kink store. Frankie and Frannie could inflict a number of sexual torture scenarios in the time so graciously allotted to them.

“Ok! Time to play!” Frannie declared gleefully, carrying in a laptop with a camera attached with her, the red light already beaming bright. Frankie followed her inside wearing only his boxer briefs, the coffee stain had spread over the crotch of his underwear, thanks to Patty. Patty couldn’t hold back a sob, still in disbelief that a split second decision could dramatically change the course of her life.

“Aw, don’t cry yet. You’ll ruin the mood,” Frannie admonished as she set up the laptop in front of Elsa so she wasn’t in the camera’s view, but she could watch the online response in real-time. Frannie winked at Elsa, squeezing her left breast. “Enjoy the show,” she whispered before prancing off.

 Elsa was glad Patty couldn’t see the monster strap on Frannie was wearing. A chain brassiere and red stilettos completed Frannie’s ensemble, something that Elsa noticed in passing to help distract her from the sight of Frannie inspecting whips.

“We are broadcasting part of our session for our loyal supporters, and to those willing to pay a hefty sum, of course.”

Patty flinched, a whimper escaping when she heard the swish of the whip, feeling a whisper of contact; Frannie was in a teasing mood.

“Plus, it will be useful for your new Master to know how you react to different stimuli,” Frannie slowly dragged the whip across Patty’s flank, tickling her side, and ending between her breasts. “They will need to know your pain threshold, too.” Frannie cracked the whip, hitting Patty center mass, eliciting a pained grunt from her plaything. “You ready, baby?” Patty didn’t respond, assuming it was another sick taunt from Frannie, but she realized Frannie wasn’t talking to her when Frankie answered.

“Uh huh,” Frankie grunted. He waited for Frannie to walk behind Patty before shucking his boxer briefs and stepping up until he was inches from Patty’s gaping mouth. Patty tried to recoil, sensing the closeness of Frankie’s cock—Frankie’s cock was an angry pink, obviously suffering from the hot liquid spill—what limited movement she had made her back into Frannie’s enhanced strap on, already ready to pummel into Patty’s entrance.

Patty whined, blindly looking up pleadingly at Frankie, but she knew it was a wasted effort.

“See, we thought about having you blow Frannie first. Get her off, lube her dick so it wouldn’t be so bad for you, but I am tired of waiting, and I am fucking pissed about you injuring my cock. So, you are going to show lil’ Frankie some love, and Frannie is going to have some fun, too. Needless to say, it won’t be very comfortable for you, but what can I say? Payback’s a bitch.”

With that, Frankie plunged himself into Patty’s wide open mouth. Patty’s unintelligible pleas soon turned to gagging when she got a taste of Frankie’s dick. She never enjoyed the taste of cock, but the taste of cock mixed with the remnants of a flavored latte was a whole other level of disgusting. Patty’s distressed moans mingled with Frankie and Frannie’s pleasurable ones (Frannie had taken a cue from Frankie and plunged hilt deep into Patty’s exposed pussy). Elsa joined the chorus of moans and grunts, voicing her disapproval for principle’s sake; she had made zero progress in breaking free of her restraints, only succeeding in fast-tracking the welts she could feel forming on her body.

Elsa couldn’t help but look at the laptop. There were over a million people watching the broadcast, and the comment ticker was scrolling up quicker than Elsa could read. From what she could gather, nobody was very sympathetic to Patty’s plight. The site was polluted with the deviants’ lewd, disgusting comments such as, “STUFF THAT BITCH!” And that was one of the tamer ones.

Elsa could only hope and pray that a law enforcement officer was tracking live porn streams—for work not their own personal enjoyment—and could piece together enough clues to find their location in time. Capello had promised the crazy teens 24 hours, so that meant they would be staying in the same location, right? Elsa was torn from her desperate prayer by Frankie’s hoarse roar, she could see Patty’s cheeks widened as Frankie unloaded his spunk down her throat faster than she could swallow.

“Lick it clean, bitch,” Frankie demanded after partially pulling out. Patty hesitated for a second, haltingly sticking out her tongue before stilling completely, Frannie’s outburst preceding her orgasm, her fingernails digging into Patty’s taut ass cheeks. Patty let out her own cry that soon into hopeless sobs. Her despair compounded by Frannie and Frankie’s mocking laughter….



December 20th


Roberta Baskel stormed into her office, flinging the files she had been holding onto her desk. Her motion to extend a trial date had been denied. The judge had accused her of stalling (which she absolutely was) and declared that the trial of Mafia foot soldier, Giovanni Gambino, would resume the next day, wanting to wrap up the trial before the holiday break: things couldn’t get any worse.

Roberta plopped herself into her leather chair, heaving a world-suffering sigh before reaching for her phone and hitting number one on her speed dial.

“David. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top, tell me you have a lead on Patty.” David Stamper was the SAC—Special Agent in Charge—of the Missing Persons Unit in New York. Roberta had put in a call to him just a couple hours after Patty’s life changing Starbucks run. Roberta knew with absolute certainty that something bad had happened to Patty when she didn’t see her at her desk at 5:30 in the morning. Patty was never late. If anything, Roberta would have to shake Patty awake when she came in because the young girl had fallen asleep working overtime at her desk.

David started to give her the spiel of waiting 24 hours, but she cut him off and called in one of the many favors she had stockpiled in her career. David had begrudgingly opened the case, sending agents to her home, getting more agents to call into the local hospitals and police departments. They got a hit around 2 O’clock in the afternoon, a Starbucks that was on Patty’s route home from the office had reported a car theft from their employee lot earlier in the morning, pretty rudimentary at first glance. It wasn’t until they did some digging that they realized there had been a fender bender in the drive through moments before the theft. When they finally got access to the security tapes from the drive through and employee lot, David was able to positively identify Patty Finch when she stepped out of her car after crashing into the van. He couldn’t make out any identifying features in the young couple that stepped out of the van; their hats and scarfs concealing a majority of their facial features. He found Patty again on the employee lot camera, but the video was grainy and she stepped out of view when she approached the other party: That grainy video was the last known trace of Patty’s whereabouts. Nothing else appeared on the video until the stolen Civic rolled out of the lot with the young couple in the front seats. David would get a warrant to check the cars in the lot, but he seriously doubted he would find Patty Finch in that lot.

David had called Roberta to let her know the bittersweet news. He was able to confirm that Roberta was correct in her suspicions, but they hadn’t located her yet. David did all he could to find Patty Finch. He put out a bolo on the stolen car—not surprised when the car was found torched—he had the lab check the dented van for prints—nada—and the trail went stone cold. He had no idea why the couple kidnapped Patty. What he did know, and he was certain Baskel was aware of this, after 48 hours the chances of finding Patty alive were slim.

David indulged Roberta, however, because he knew she was having a rough time at work with Patty gone, she really had been the backbone of the office. “I wish I could Roberta, but—“

“I’m sorry, David. I have to go,” Roberta cut him off abruptly, hanging up just as fast, leaving David to look at his phone with a bemused expression. “Nice talking with you, too.”

Roberta held a letter in her shaking hands. The letter had been buried under the files she had thrown haphazardly on her desk, but now it was front and center. The envelope red, the lettering green to follow the Christmas color scheme. Obviously it wasn’t the color scheme that had drained the color from Roberta’s face. No, it was name of the person who had allegedly sent her the letter: Patty Finch.

She grabbed her letter opener and tore open the seal, cutting her finger in her haste. Roberta dropped the contents on her desk as soon as they were revealed, letting out a horrified screech.

An intern she had pulled trying to catch up on all of the work piling up with Patty missing, ran into the office holding up a stapler as a makeshift weapon. “What? What’s wrong?” He asked  once he realized nobody else was in the office.

“Get out!” Roberta screeched.

“But, but you’re bleeding!” The intern pointed with his stapler wielding hand.

“I don’t care! Get out! Now!” Roberta threw a file at the poor schmuck who scurried out without a backwards glance—he was used to some office abuse assuming it was par for the course being an intern.

Roberta Baskel pushed her fingers into her hair, blood dripping onto her desk and the contents of the letter from her cut finger, but Roberta didn’t notice. She couldn’t stop staring at the “holiday card” she had received, along with Patty’s work badge, her innocent, beaming smile a stark contrast to the picture next to it. Frannie and Frankie had chosen a still from the video they had taken of their time with Patty, careful to crop their faces out of the picture. The still showed the pair of them balls deep in Patty, her face scrunched up in pain and disgust, Frannie was pulling back on Patty’s signature long braid, causing Patty to bend her neck backwards while still taking Frankie in orally. The card said simply: Happy Holidays! I hope you get to blow off some steam. You deserve it! Love, Patty.

Roberta flipped the card over and noticed a second note: Back off.

Roberta collapsed into her chair sobbing uncontrollably as the fate of her paralegal, and friend. was finally revealed. She wouldn’t be able to prove it, but she knew down to her bones that the Mob had captured Patty.

If they were smart, they would have sent Patty halfway across the world to serve out the rest of her miserable days as a concubine for a wealthy sheik. If Roberta was lucky, they had given Patty to a lieutenant within the Mob, or some other high ranking supporter. Then there was still a modicum of hope that they could recover Patty and punish the bastards that had taken and abused her.

Fuck them! Roberta thought savagely, instantly regretting her choice of words when her gaze strayed back to the picture. There is no way in hell I am giving up now. She picked the picture back up, studying the two kidnappers/rapists in detail. I might not be able to save you, Patty, but I swear to God I will avenge you.

With the flare of vengeance burning through her tears, Roberta Baskel picked the phone back up and called David Stamper again. “David. I am sorry for my rude goodbye, but I need something you need to see, only you.” It was time to get back to work.


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“Frankie! Go move her car, and don’t forget to clean it out and switch the plates,” Frannie ordered, deleting the pictures Patty had taken.

“What are you going to do?” Frankie demanded, still sore from the beverage assault.

“I gotta get this bitch ready for transport.” Frannie dropped the phone, stomping through the screen with her stiletto and throwing it back into the woman’s purse. The cops could probably still get something out of it, but there was nothing incriminating on the phone and it would stay here in the lot with her purse. No way they were going to track her via her smart phone.

“What? We gonna take her with us to Mistress Capello’s? I don’t think she is gonna like that.”

“Whose bright idea was it to go through the drive through?! Besides, she saw us and SA over here. If we are going to off her, we sure as hell can’t do it here.”

Elsa bleated out her displeasure at where this conversation was going. She had met Patty Finch a couple of times when she had business with the ADA. While she wouldn’t necessarily call her a friend, she definitely took issue with an assassination of an innocent woman, much less a colleague. Elsa rolled over onto her side, flailing her fingers in Frannie’s general direction.

“Aw, don’t worry, SA, I will be sure to give you the attention you deserve after I take care of this problem,” Frannie sealed her promise with a smack to Elsa’s butt, groping Elsa’s butt cheek as she pondered the situation. “We’ll figure out the rest later, but right now we need to get out of this van and the hell out of dodge.”

Frankie distractedly watched the erotic scene play out, envying Frannie’s hand on the agent’s well-rounded cheeks. He could already feel his erection painfully returning. “Frankie! Didn’tja hear what I said? Get a move on!”

“Alright, alright, woman!” Frankie exited the van, leaving Frannie alone with her victims.

“Let’s see what you’ve got,” Frannie grabbed hold of Patty’s shirt and ripped it open, loving the sound of buttons clattering almost as much as the sight of the beautiful mounds of flesh encased in a sexy red bra. “Not bad, not bad at all.” Frannie made quick work of Patty’s ballet flats, beige slacks, and matching red lingerie; revealing a neatly trimmed auburn bush. Frannie’s hand naturally gravitated back to Elsa’s butt cheek (they really were alluring) as she pondered on what to do next. Frannie unconsciously kneaded the cheek like a stress ball, causing the bound agent to moan.

“What to do. What to do… Oh I know!” She smacked Elsa’s ass to have a physical sign of her eureka moment, much to Elsa’s chagrin. She gave Elsa a wicked grin as she rolled Patty over so she was face to face with Elsa. Elsa jerked when she felt the taser pressed against her nipple, still warm from its recent use. “Do I need to use this or are you going to behave?” Elsa shook her head quickly. She knew now was not the best time to try and escape. Maybe if it was the boyfriend, but Frannie was scary.

“Good girl.” Frannie twisted Elsa’s nipple, her version of a reward for good behavior. “You and this dumb bitch are about to get real close,” Frannie chuckled. She undid the knot that was keeping Elsa in a hogtie, smiling in satisfaction when the agent let out a grateful groan. Leaving Elsa’s ankles tied, Frannie used the excess rope to tie Pattie’s ankles together, making sure there was enough slack left to wrap around both captive’s ankles so they were joined together. Frannie then knelt behind the prone agent and unlocked the handcuffs, keeping a strong grip on her wrists before bringing her arms in front of her so they wrapped around Patty, mashing the two buxom women together. She used extra nylon rope to tie Patty’s wrists in a similar fashion behind Elsa’s back. To top it off, Frannie fashioned two crotch ropes for the pair, making sure they were connected to the corresponding wrist restraints, so if one of the women attempted to move her hands the other woman would definitely feel it below the belt; they were trapped in a lovers’ embrace for the foreseeable future.

Elsa listened as Frannie rummaged around near the front of the cabin. “Aha! Fortunately, I never leave home without a couple gags. You never know who you might run into.” Frannie snickered at her own joke. “She would have gotten it if she was awake,” Frannie explained when she saw Elsa’s blank expression.  Frannie pushed the red ballgag into Patty’s mouth, getting a little thrill when she heard Patty’s pained, confused groan.

Elsa felt a thrill of a different kind when she saw Patty’s eyelashes flutter; getting hit with a stun gun was no joke, but getting hit in such a sensitive spot? Elsa wasn’t sure she would recover so quickly. Patty’s azure blue eyes widened in shock when she realized she was looking right into Special Agent Elsa Parker’s grey eyes. She jerked involuntarily in surprise, instantly regretting her decision when she heard Elsa’s pained whimper. She didn’t need to know all of the kinky details to know that they were in some deep shit.

“Welcome back.” Frannie slapped Patty’s rear in greeting (not quite as nice as Elsa’s, but nothing to sneeze at either), eliciting a moan from both captive beauties; Patty from the spank and Elsa from Patty’s knee jerk reaction that caused her crotch rope to move against her abused clit.

“Frannie! You won’t believe what I just found!” Frankie excitedly climbed back into the driver’s seat.

“Tell me later. We have to get our new recruits into another car and get outta here before someone finds us.”

“Yeah, yeah, ok. You are going to lose your shit, though,” Frankie promised as he helped Frannie wrap up the entwined babes, sneaking a few gropes while he could.

“I am going to hotwire the car next to us. You get them into the trunk and cover the van, it won’t give us a lot of time, but every bit helps. And ladies,” Frannie addressed the squirming, mewling women, “don’t make me give you another jolt.” The women stilled when they felt the stun gun placed in-between their breasts.

Frannie quietly exited the back of the van, checking to see if any employees were entering or exiting the parking lot. Seeing nobody else in the general vicinity, she tapped the back doors a couple times to let Frankie know the coast was clear before heading to the driver’s side of an old, beige Honda Civic.

Frankie hefted the bundled up women up over his shoulder before exiting the van. Frannie had already popped the lock, working on hotwiring the car. Frankie deposited the women, none too gently, into the trunk. “Enjoy the ride, ladies. I’ll be taking you on a whole ‘nother kinda ride soon,” Frankie laughed, slamming the trunk closed on the women’s muffled protests.

After covering the van with a tarp, Frankie joined Frannie in the front as the engine fired to life. “I haven’t gotten a call from Mistress Capello yet, maybe she won’t notice how long we have taken,” Frannie said hopefully.

“Baby, she is going to double our reward when she gets a look at the second dame.”

“What are you talking about, Frankie? I know you think with your dick, so maybe that coffee affected your thinking, too.”

“Cute. I guess I won’t tell you that we’ve got ADA Roberta Baskel’s bitch in our trunk.”

“Wait! What?!” Frannie’s head whipped around to look at Frankie. “You sure?”

Frankie held up Patty’s work badge, as well as the case files she had in her trunk. “I ain’t no lawyer, but I think these are pretty important.”

Frannie hooted in delight at this turn of events. Everyone in the syndicate knew about Roberta Baskel, it’s important to know your enemy, and Patty Finch’s name and picture had floated around because of her proximity to Baskel.

After 20 minutes of driving, Frannie stopped the car in front of what looked like a derelict, abandoned warehouse. Frannie flashed her lights four times before letting the car idle. The metal door rumbled and groaned as a tall, dark figure pushed the door open wide enough for Frannie to drive the car into the warehouse, closing it quickly behind her.

While the warehouse looked rundown from the outside, inside it was a sprawling compound, well-lit—the Mafia had painstakingly covered all of the windows with enough grime that even a neon light wouldn’t be detectable from the outside—there were rows upon rows of unmarked crates filled with everything from drugs, counterfeit merchandise, and legitimate merchandise for the many businesses the Mob controlled. They rows filled up a lot of the front of the warehouse, helping to conceal the more illicit dealings in the back from wandering eyes.

Coming out of her office, Mistress Capello strutted to the hood of the car, placed her hands on her hips, tapped her foot, and gave her two lackeys a look that clearly indicated she was waiting. Frannie and Frankie hurried out of the car, dropping to their knees in front of Mistress Capello, keeping their eyes downcast as they offered their explanation.

“We are so sorry for keeping you waiting, Mistress.” Frannie said in a quivering voice.

“What was the holdup? Did my little mouse give you trouble?”

“No, no, Ma’am. We, uh, came across an unexpected find.” Frannie jumped slightly when she felt the tip of Mistress Capello’s crop under her chin, forcing her to look up into Isabella Capello’s icy glare.

“Was I not clear in my instructions? I don’t recall telling you to pick anybody else up.”

“ didn’t Mistress Capello, but it was unavoidable.” Frannie averted her gaze.

“Unavoidable?” The ice in Isabella’s eyes had leaked into her voice at this point.

“It was my fault, Mistress,” Frankie admitted in a defeated tone. “I wanted to stop for a cup of coffee, Frannie told me not to, but I didn’t listen to her.”

Mistress Capello let out a heavy sigh, wearily rubbing her eyes. Why did she think she could trust these ignorant fools with such important cargo? “Where did you stop?”

“We went through a Starbucks, Mistess Capello.”

“Did anyone see your faces?”

“No Ma’am. Me and Frannie had on hats, gloves, and scarves pulled up to our noses.”

Isabella thanked the Lord for small blessings. “And how did this unnecessary stop give you a second target. Please, please don’t tell me you kidnapped a barista.”

“No, Ma’am,” Frannie interjected. “We were rear ended in the drive through,” Frannie explained meekly, waiting for Mistress Capello’s rage. Instead, there was a silence fraught with tension.

“I see,” Isabella said in a controlled tone; inside she was fuming. “What did you do next?”

“Well, there were a lot of people behind us, so we lured the woman into the back corner of the employee lot before knocking her out.”

A female. Well, at least she could turn a profit from this fiasco. There was always a demand for flesh in the sex slavery ring. “What then?”

“I took care of securing her while Frankie switched the plates, and then I got this replacement vehicle while Frankie cleaned out her car.”

“What did you do with the van?”

“Frankie covered it with a tarp, Mistress.”

Isabella blew out a breath. Obviously it would have been better if they torched the vehicle, but she understood why they couldn’t. Besides, the van was covered in tarps and disposable seat covers, and anybody who was in the van—or even near it—always used gloves. There were no prints or DNA to be recovered. Also, the van was registered to a farmer in Idaho with no connection to anyone in the Mob, so they were covered.

“Mistress, I know we screwed up, but I think you will be happy with who we got,” Frankie said with a hint of excitement.

That snapped Isabella from her musings. “Unless you got me a young, white girl, I seriously doubt it.”

“She is that and more,” Frankie promised.

“Hmm.” Intrigued, Isabella motioned for the young couple to rise and show her the mystery captive.

Frannie nervously hit the key fob to open the trunk, revealing the concealed bodies tangled in the tarp. Frankie hurriedly untangled the tarp so that Mistress Capello could clearly see the sweaty, heaving bodies of Special Agent Elsa Parker and Patty Finch.

Isabella’s eyes widened in surprise when she spotted Patty Finch’s shivering, naked body. “Well done.”

“We also found some papers in her car. I don’t know if they are important, but I thought you would want to see them. They are in the car, I’ll get them for you, Mistress.” Frankie ran back to the Civic to retrieve the stolen files.

Isabella briefly looked through the files on top of the stack, even at a glance she got a sinking feeling that she was the recipient of a windfall that any legitimate Mafia princess would be ecstatic over. The trouble was, Isabella wasn’t a supportive Mafia princess. She had been actively working against her father’s empire, working with the FBI to try and take him down, so she could take over of course, but the FBI didn’t know that little fact. For now, she had to act the part.  Isabella flicked a glance up at Frankie before taking his face in her hands and kissing both of his cheeks, laughing at his shocked expression. She kissed Frannie as well, who was no less shocked, even though she had witnessed her Mistress kissing Frankie seconds before.

“I am very pleased with the two of you. You will still need to be punished, of course, for deviating from my orders,” (she was going to put them through a world of pain for throwing a colossal wrench in her plans) “but before that I will allow you to break in Ms. Finch here. Hell, I will give you 24 hours with her because I need time to find a worthy candidate to become her new Master. Take little mouse with you, don’t involve her in the party, but I want her to watch,” Isabella ordered. She realized that if they got away with this, and it was still a big if, it will be because of one thing: dumb luck, reeaally dumb.

Isabella ignored the desperate, muted pleas from her two new acquisitions. “Bobby,” she looked over to the lone figure who had admitted Frankie and Frannie, “You know what to do with the car.” Bobby gave her a single nod in acknowledgment before taking the keys from Frannie.

“Have fun, pets. I’ll check in on you later. I have some business I have to attend to.” Isabella dismissed the quartet, hurrying back to her office so she could think in silence. She allowed herself a moment to grieve for Patty Finch. The girl had been a workhorse, doing more damage to the Mafia than all of their competitors put together, but now she was destined to become a workhorse of a different variety. Once Patty laid eyes on Isabella, Isabella became a known accomplice in her kidnapping, and Isabella seriously doubted the righteous paralegal would believe they were on the same side. No, Patty’s fate was sealed.



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