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“Mrrrggpph…”  Amelia groaned. Everything hurt. Why did everything hurt? She tried to shift her body, but her body refused to move. She opened her eyes sleepily, looking right up into the crazed eyes of Melissa Green. “Mhhhmmphh!” Amelia squawked, trying to back away from the crazy heiress, but she was instantly reminded that her range of movement was limited. She looked down at her body and let out another scream; she was practically naked! (Not to mention heavily restrained.) Besides the white straps that kept her bound, she was outfitted in white lingerie: a corset that left her generous breasts exposed, stockings and garters, a thong, and stilettos. Amelia wasn’t sure what was prying her mouth open, but the outline was encrusted in something hard, a big ball plugged the opening in her mouth.  Amelia struggled mightily against her binds, but the straps held firm. Her wrists were tied behind her back, her elbows also secured—forcing her shoulders back and breasts out—and her legs were spread wide in a frog tie, leaving her pussy lewdly exposed. Melissa had her cradled in her arms and smiled down at her captive.

“Oh, good! You are finally awake. You took such a big gulp of that tea I was afraid you might have overdosed!”

Amelia growled. She knew she shouldn’t have trusted this crazy bitch! What did she think was doing, assaulting an FBI agent?

“I’ve decided to keep you, since you took away my sweetie,” Melissa shared, idly tracing a finger around Amelia’s nipple. “I have always had a thing for red heads, especially ones with such big breasts!” Melissa giggled while groping Amelia’s melons. Amelia groaned, not appreciating either the unwelcome plans or equally unwanted attention.

“Besides, my parents threatened to cut me off after the latest misunderstanding. They told me that if I didn’t settle down and get my act together they would take away my trust fund! I can’t have that. Also, it would be totally boring to be by myself during house arrest. This way I win!

“Don’t worry, baby,” Melissa cooed over Amelia’s muffled objections. “You win, too. I will outfit you in the best bondage gear money can buy. Plus, I will make sure your body is satisfied every night.” Melissa snaked a hand underneath the waistband of Amelia’s thong and flicked her bundle of nerves, causing Amelia to jerk and squeal in surprise.

“Of course, I had to do this right. I know you can’t see it, but I put the engagement ring on your finger, I know, I know, it is tacky to reuse an engagement ring, but I thought you wouldn’t mind since it is a family heirloom.”

Removing her hand from Amelia’s breast, Melissa traced a finger around Amelia’s ring gag. “I had this gag custom made for you to make up for it. It is a ring gag, get it? It is made of the same material as the ring on your finger, just a little bit bigger.” I added the 2-inch ball for the centerpiece. You wear it so well, baby.” Melissa dissolved into a fit of giggles as Amelia whimpered in fear and discomfort.

Melissa got off the bed and booted up a laptop that was facing the bed. “I even got an official for the wedding! Did you know that you can get married over Skype? They must have made it a law for people like me, so thoughtful.” Amelia squirmed on the bed, her mind reeling. This couldn’t be happening! This was definitely not what she had in mind for her big day.

Melissa called up the official, greeting him like an old friend. “I met Colin when he was an intern for my dad. I promised him I would get him an audition for the next Marvel superhero movie in exchange for him marrying us.”

Colin’s eyes widened at the sight of the trussed up beauty on the bed (he was very thankful the camera only showed him from the chest up. He was embarrassed when he realized his cock was becoming very noticeable pressing hard against his jeans.

“Uh, hi, Melissa and uh..”

“Amelia Carson,” Melissa helpfully provided.

“Right, right, Ms. Carson. Should..should we proceed?”

“Yes! Right away!” Melissa declared enthusiastically, while Amelia was shaking her head no with equal fervor.

“Um, right, ok.” Colin was very confused, but he wanted to be the next Luke Cage, and weirder things happened in Hollywood. He decidedly ignored the pleading eyes of the bound beauty, interpreting it as a plea for his assistance in the marriage; instead of the plea for actual assistance getting away from Melissa.

Melissa settled herself behind Amelia, resting one hand on Amelia’s breast and wrapping the other hand lightly around her neck. Melissa might be crazy, but Amelia knew she was aware of what she was doing and that she was dangerous.

Colin read off an expedited version of the ceremony, and when it came to the “I dos” Melissa’s restricting arm around Amelia’s throat prevented her from shaking her head, and Colin, fully committed to the madness, liberally interpreted her vocalizations as assent.

“Congratulations, I now pronounce you wife and wife. Uh, you may now kiss the bride?”

“Finally!” Melissa licked her way around Amelia’s stretched out lips before taking out the ball plugging the ring gag and tonguing the inside of Amelia’s mouth. Amelia shut her eyes, praying that maybe when she opened her eyes she would wake up in actual reality.

“Congratulations, Melissa. Let me know when the audition is. Ok, bye!” Colin signed off in a hurry, already half-way out of his chair so he could take care of his raging hard on.

“Smile for the camera, wifey!” Melissa snapped a selfie of the two of them, smiling when she looked at the playback. “We will do a proper photoshoot later, got to have evidence for the ‘rents.” She laughed when she saw Amelia’s incredulous look. “I have a friend who is excellent with photoshop, and I am due a favor. It pays to have connections. When they are done, we will have a complete photo album of gorgeous photos of you and me smiling and posing for the camera. She can add in a proper dress, flowers, the whole nine yards! Oh, she also can forge your letter of resignation from the Bureau. I will have someone move your car before the end of the day. It will be like you disappeared without a trace. Of course, after a while we can reveal that you left your job because of your relationship with me. My parents sure will get a kick out of me marrying the agent responsible for my arrest. If I could get you to marry me, then surely I am on the right track. If that doesn’t convince them I am sure they will come around after we have our first child.”

“Whmmmph??” Amelia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This girl really was crazy!

Melissa grinned at her new wife as she got off the bed and rummaged in the nightstand. “I have had plenty of time to prepare for our new life together, Mrs. Green. I took the liberty of buying a couple semen samples from the local semen bank. Now, I know what you are thinking,” Melissa said over Amelia’s frantic objections, “Don’t worry, darling, I made sure all of the men met a certain criteria: handsome, talented, healthy. Besides, I purchased form the elite section, so I am sure we can’t go wrong.”

Melissa turned back to Amelia, wearing a ten-inch strap on. “They have wonderful technology now. We can actually do it the old-fashioned style and conceive our child through sex! Speaking of sex, I think it is time we consummate our union,” Melissa giggled while crawling back on top of the bed. Amelia wiggled around as much as she could, but no amount of wiggling could save her from the approaching mental case. Tears clouded her vision, and just as well, maybe if she couldn’t see the assault it would make it easier for her to imagine herself somewhere else.

Because she couldn’t see through her tears, Amelia was confused when she heard Melissa grunt, followed by a thump as Melissa’s weight left the bed.

“Mhhmmph?” Amelia rapidly blinked her eyes so she could see what was happening. “Mmmphh!” Standing in front of her was none other than Alex Marstin, holding a stun gun in her right hand. She had been looking down at the unconscious form of Melissa when she heard Amelia’s moan.

“Are you ok?”

Amelia nodded, tears once again spilling out of her eyes, this time in relief at the thought of being rescued.

“After the trial, I decided that I would hire a private investigator to track all of Melissa’s digital movements. I knew she wasn’t going to lie low for 5 years. You can’t contain crazy like that. I knew she was up to something after his last report, and when he called to tell me you were visiting I knew I had to stop…whatever she had planned. I bought this stun gun after her arrest, just in case.” Alex looked down as Melissa groaned, starting to wake up from the stun gun zap. Alex gave her a swift kick to the head and another zap for good measure.

“Sit tight, I am going to take care of crazy princess here before she can cause more trouble.”

Hard har har. Amelia thought to herself as she watched Alex drag away Melissa. Thank God for Alex! Amelia hoped that her colleagues would have seen through Melissa’s scheme, but if not she most likely would have spent at least the next 5 years as Melissa’s bondage bride. She shuddered at the thought, thankful when Alex reentered the room, saving her from her grim thoughts.

“Ok, I decided to give the bitch a taste of her own medicine, and now she is stewing in her own ropes.” Alex’s look of assessment transformed into a look of surprised desire as she really looked at Amelia’s shapely figure encased in rope. She looked back up at Amelia with a blush blooming on her cheeks, but a question in her eyes.

“Uh, I have always considered myself pretty vanilla, and hopefully you don’t think I am a disgusting pervert, but I am really attracted to you right now. Maybe it is just left over adrenalin…” Alex trailed off as she noticed a damp spot forming on Amelia’s thong. Alex looked back up into Amelia’s eyes and found an answering look of desire. Alex’s face broke out into a huge grin.

Alex dug out her phone, pressing a number on her speed dial: “Mickey? All is good, you can leave. The police will probably contact you soon. No, no I am fine, thanks.” She disconnected the phone. “Had to call off my private investigator before he barged in.”

Alex quickly shed out of her flats, ribbed tank top, and jeans—she hadn’t been wearing underwear—before going into Melissa’s walk in closet to rummage around. When she walked out, Alex was carrying a chest full of toys. Laying them down at the foot of the bed, Alex crawled in-between Amelia’s spread thighs, laying tit to tit with Amelia before undoing the multiple gags used to silence Amelia. Before Amelia could even say thank you, Alex devoured her mouth, plunging her tongue deep into her throat. This time around, Amelia responded in kind, hungrily kissing her rescuer. Alex rubbed her breasts against Amelia’s causing both women to moan into the other’s mouth as their erect nipples came into contact with each other.

Amelia through her head back and let out a loud moan when Alex pressed one of her knees against her mound. “Please…” Amelia panted.

Giving her a saucy grin, Alex got off the bed, laughing as Amelia voiced her disapproval. When she turned back, she was wearing a 10-inch strap on that rivaled Melissa’s. Amelia’s eyes widened slightly in fear.

“Don’t worry, I checked to make sure semen wasn’t injected into this one. I don’t think either of us is ready for a child.”

Amelia sighed in relief and nodded in agreement. “Wait.” She smiled sheepishly at Alex’s questioning look. “Could you grab the penis gag? I..I wouldn’t mind having something to suck on.” She blushed as Alex laughed, but she granted the request and grabbed the strap of the gag as she climbed back onto the bed.

“You will have to be patient with me. I have never had a dick before, although I always wondered what it would feel like,” Alex confided.

Amelia laughed with her. “Take all the time you need. Feel free to make several attempts while you are at it. Hey, now you really are the She-Devil with a sword!”  

Alex smirked at her, “Ok, that is enough out of you.” Alex inserted the penis gag into Amelia’s open mouth, the latter moaning as her lips encased the black rubber. Alex was momentarily transfixed by the dream like quality of Amelia’s eyes and the way her cheeks hollowed out as she began to slowly suck on the phallus lodged in her mouth.

“I will take that as my cue to join the fun.” Alex kissed Amelia’s gagged mouth before positioning herself in-between Amelia’s thighs. She made quick work ripping off her thong, delighting in Amelia’s nearly naked pussy, a red landing strip ending right before her folds. Alex nuzzled that soft patch of hair, making Amelia giggle and squeal in the process. Alex licked at the top of Amelia’s folds, savoring her sweet feminine liquid.

Wanting to get to get to the main event, Alex positioned the head of the dildo at Amelia’s entrance and gently began to push her way into her feminine center, stopping at Amelia’s loud moan. Amelia locked eyes with Alex and rolling her hips, trying to urge Alex to continue her exploration. Alex grinned and pushed inside until she was hilt deep in Amelia, meeting skin to skin. “You are so beautiful,” Alex whispered before rearing back and slamming back into Amelia’s sweet folds.

Amelia would have returned the sentiment, but besides being gagged, she soon got lost in the frantic rhythm that Alex set. Their breasts slapped together with each thrust, Alex planted her hands on Amelia’s breasts and squeezed with each thrust, hard. Amelia let out a bellowing moan as she was rushed through her first orgasm right into the next one. Alex thrust a hand in-between the harness and her pussy so she could bring herself to an orgasm, it didn’t take much after watching the way Amelia reacted to her ministrations. After a handful of orgasms, Alex was forced to slow her thrusts until she eventually collapsed on top of Amelia, panting for breath. Alex suckled on Amelia’s breast since it was right by her mouth anyway. Amelia gave a languid moan, the suckling a pleasant feeling as she made her descent from multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

“Are you ok?” Alex asked for the second time that dad. Amelia was able to muster enough energy to nod her head, barely. Alex unbuckled the gag, lazily kissing Amelia once her mouth was free.

“Thank you,” Amelia said with sincerity. “For everything,” she laughed.

“You are most welcome.” Alex stroked Amelia’s cheek before lifting herself up from Amelia, finally starting the task of freeing Amelia.

Once she was freed, Amelia found the clothes she had originally been wearing when she arrived to Melissa’s McMansion. Alex called the cops and waited with Amelia by the struggling Melissa who hadn’t managed to escape her bonds. After regaling the cops with the events of the day, minus everything that happened after Alex knocked Melissa out. Melissa was arrested, once again, with kidnapping, sexual assault, and unlawful imprisonment. Amelia didn’t think she would get a slap on the wrist this time. Not only did she assault a law enforcement officer, she no longer had the support of her parents. She was sentenced to 20 years in a federal prison. Her marriage to Amelia was annulled given the fact that it was without Amelia’s consent—the officiate was also arrested and convicted-- plus, they never consummated the marriage.

Amelia stood outside of the courtroom with her hands in her suit pockets, nervously looking at Alex who had come as a witness one day and for moral support the rest of the trial. The two of them had minimal contact after that day in Melissa’s house, but Amelia couldn’t shake her feeling of affection for the buxom starlet. Alex looked just as nervous before finally decided to hug Amelia. “Look me up the next time you are in town?”

“Most definitely. Or, if you end up in New York for press or whatever, give me a call,” Amelia stuttered.

Alex gave her a sweet smile, “I promise you will hear from me.”

Amelia smiled back. “Well, break a leg, or whatever they say these days to actors for good luck.”

Alex laughed, bringing Amelia in for another close embrace. “See you later, Special Agent Carson.”



Amelia regretted that she had never reached out to Alex since that day. She followed her career, always making time to watch her show or whatever press she did, however minor. She wished with all of her heart that Alex had been here tonight to save her once again. Alex squirmed now that Elsa was sucking on her breast like a pacifier as she slept curled around her. She wondered what was next for her now that Isabella Capello had her in her trap. Would she ever see Alex Marstin again? 

An Unwelcome Proposal Conclusion:A SA Carson Story
The conclusion of the story I am submitting into :icondestroxxiv:'s forced wedding contest. I meant for Alex Marstin to be a one off character, but I have a feeling she will come back in other stories. 


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