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“Mrrrggpph…”  Amelia groaned. Everything hurt. Why did everything hurt? She tried to shift her body, but her body refused to move. She opened her eyes sleepily, looking right up into the crazed eyes of Melissa Green. “Mhhhmmphh!” Amelia squawked, trying to back away from the crazy heiress, but she was instantly reminded that her range of movement was limited. She looked down at her body and let out another scream; she was practically naked! (Not to mention heavily restrained.) Besides the white straps that kept her bound, she was outfitted in white lingerie: a corset that left her generous breasts exposed, stockings and garters, a thong, and stilettos. Amelia wasn’t sure what was prying her mouth open, but the outline was encrusted in something hard, a big ball plugged the opening in her mouth.  Amelia struggled mightily against her binds, but the straps held firm. Her wrists were tied behind her back, her elbows also secured—forcing her shoulders back and breasts out—and her legs were spread wide in a frog tie, leaving her pussy lewdly exposed. Melissa had her cradled in her arms and smiled down at her captive.

“Oh, good! You are finally awake. You took such a big gulp of that tea I was afraid you might have overdosed!”

Amelia growled. She knew she shouldn’t have trusted this crazy bitch! What did she think was doing, assaulting an FBI agent?

“I’ve decided to keep you, since you took away my sweetie,” Melissa shared, idly tracing a finger around Amelia’s nipple. “I have always had a thing for red heads, especially ones with such big breasts!” Melissa giggled while groping Amelia’s melons. Amelia groaned, not appreciating either the unwelcome plans or equally unwanted attention.

“Besides, my parents threatened to cut me off after the latest misunderstanding. They told me that if I didn’t settle down and get my act together they would take away my trust fund! I can’t have that. Also, it would be totally boring to be by myself during house arrest. This way I win!

“Don’t worry, baby,” Melissa cooed over Amelia’s muffled objections. “You win, too. I will outfit you in the best bondage gear money can buy. Plus, I will make sure your body is satisfied every night.” Melissa snaked a hand underneath the waistband of Amelia’s thong and flicked her bundle of nerves, causing Amelia to jerk and squeal in surprise.

“Of course, I had to do this right. I know you can’t see it, but I put the engagement ring on your finger, I know, I know, it is tacky to reuse an engagement ring, but I thought you wouldn’t mind since it is a family heirloom.”

Removing her hand from Amelia’s breast, Melissa traced a finger around Amelia’s ring gag. “I had this gag custom made for you to make up for it. It is a ring gag, get it? It is made of the same material as the ring on your finger, just a little bit bigger.” I added the 2-inch ball for the centerpiece. You wear it so well, baby.” Melissa dissolved into a fit of giggles as Amelia whimpered in fear and discomfort.

Melissa got off the bed and booted up a laptop that was facing the bed. “I even got an official for the wedding! Did you know that you can get married over Skype? They must have made it a law for people like me, so thoughtful.” Amelia squirmed on the bed, her mind reeling. This couldn’t be happening! This was definitely not what she had in mind for her big day.

Melissa called up the official, greeting him like an old friend. “I met Colin when he was an intern for my dad. I promised him I would get him an audition for the next Marvel superhero movie in exchange for him marrying us.”

Colin’s eyes widened at the sight of the trussed up beauty on the bed (he was very thankful the camera only showed him from the chest up. He was embarrassed when he realized his cock was becoming very noticeable pressing hard against his jeans.

“Uh, hi, Melissa and uh..”

“Amelia Carson,” Melissa helpfully provided.

“Right, right, Ms. Carson. Should..should we proceed?”

“Yes! Right away!” Melissa declared enthusiastically, while Amelia was shaking her head no with equal fervor.

“Um, right, ok.” Colin was very confused, but he wanted to be the next Luke Cage, and weirder things happened in Hollywood. He decidedly ignored the pleading eyes of the bound beauty, interpreting it as a plea for his assistance in the marriage; instead of the plea for actual assistance getting away from Melissa.

Melissa settled herself behind Amelia, resting one hand on Amelia’s breast and wrapping the other hand lightly around her neck. Melissa might be crazy, but Amelia knew she was aware of what she was doing and that she was dangerous.

Colin read off an expedited version of the ceremony, and when it came to the “I dos” Melissa’s restricting arm around Amelia’s throat prevented her from shaking her head, and Colin, fully committed to the madness, liberally interpreted her vocalizations as assent.

“Congratulations, I now pronounce you wife and wife. Uh, you may now kiss the bride?”

“Finally!” Melissa licked her way around Amelia’s stretched out lips before taking out the ball plugging the ring gag and tonguing the inside of Amelia’s mouth. Amelia shut her eyes, praying that maybe when she opened her eyes she would wake up in actual reality.

“Congratulations, Melissa. Let me know when the audition is. Ok, bye!” Colin signed off in a hurry, already half-way out of his chair so he could take care of his raging hard on.

“Smile for the camera, wifey!” Melissa snapped a selfie of the two of them, smiling when she looked at the playback. “We will do a proper photoshoot later, got to have evidence for the ‘rents.” She laughed when she saw Amelia’s incredulous look. “I have a friend who is excellent with photoshop, and I am due a favor. It pays to have connections. When they are done, we will have a complete photo album of gorgeous photos of you and me smiling and posing for the camera. She can add in a proper dress, flowers, the whole nine yards! Oh, she also can forge your letter of resignation from the Bureau. I will have someone move your car before the end of the day. It will be like you disappeared without a trace. Of course, after a while we can reveal that you left your job because of your relationship with me. My parents sure will get a kick out of me marrying the agent responsible for my arrest. If I could get you to marry me, then surely I am on the right track. If that doesn’t convince them I am sure they will come around after we have our first child.”

“Whmmmph??” Amelia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This girl really was crazy!

Melissa grinned at her new wife as she got off the bed and rummaged in the nightstand. “I have had plenty of time to prepare for our new life together, Mrs. Green. I took the liberty of buying a couple semen samples from the local semen bank. Now, I know what you are thinking,” Melissa said over Amelia’s frantic objections, “Don’t worry, darling, I made sure all of the men met a certain criteria: handsome, talented, healthy. Besides, I purchased form the elite section, so I am sure we can’t go wrong.”

Melissa turned back to Amelia, wearing a ten-inch strap on. “They have wonderful technology now. We can actually do it the old-fashioned style and conceive our child through sex! Speaking of sex, I think it is time we consummate our union,” Melissa giggled while crawling back on top of the bed. Amelia wiggled around as much as she could, but no amount of wiggling could save her from the approaching mental case. Tears clouded her vision, and just as well, maybe if she couldn’t see the assault it would make it easier for her to imagine herself somewhere else.

Because she couldn’t see through her tears, Amelia was confused when she heard Melissa grunt, followed by a thump as Melissa’s weight left the bed.

“Mhhmmph?” Amelia rapidly blinked her eyes so she could see what was happening. “Mmmphh!” Standing in front of her was none other than Alex Marstin, holding a stun gun in her right hand. She had been looking down at the unconscious form of Melissa when she heard Amelia’s moan.

“Are you ok?”

Amelia nodded, tears once again spilling out of her eyes, this time in relief at the thought of being rescued.

“After the trial, I decided that I would hire a private investigator to track all of Melissa’s digital movements. I knew she wasn’t going to lie low for 5 years. You can’t contain crazy like that. I knew she was up to something after his last report, and when he called to tell me you were visiting I knew I had to stop…whatever she had planned. I bought this stun gun after her arrest, just in case.” Alex looked down as Melissa groaned, starting to wake up from the stun gun zap. Alex gave her a swift kick to the head and another zap for good measure.

“Sit tight, I am going to take care of crazy princess here before she can cause more trouble.”

Hard har har. Amelia thought to herself as she watched Alex drag away Melissa. Thank God for Alex! Amelia hoped that her colleagues would have seen through Melissa’s scheme, but if not she most likely would have spent at least the next 5 years as Melissa’s bondage bride. She shuddered at the thought, thankful when Alex reentered the room, saving her from her grim thoughts.

“Ok, I decided to give the bitch a taste of her own medicine, and now she is stewing in her own ropes.” Alex’s look of assessment transformed into a look of surprised desire as she really looked at Amelia’s shapely figure encased in rope. She looked back up at Amelia with a blush blooming on her cheeks, but a question in her eyes.

“Uh, I have always considered myself pretty vanilla, and hopefully you don’t think I am a disgusting pervert, but I am really attracted to you right now. Maybe it is just left over adrenalin…” Alex trailed off as she noticed a damp spot forming on Amelia’s thong. Alex looked back up into Amelia’s eyes and found an answering look of desire. Alex’s face broke out into a huge grin.

Alex dug out her phone, pressing a number on her speed dial: “Mickey? All is good, you can leave. The police will probably contact you soon. No, no I am fine, thanks.” She disconnected the phone. “Had to call off my private investigator before he barged in.”

Alex quickly shed out of her flats, ribbed tank top, and jeans—she hadn’t been wearing underwear—before going into Melissa’s walk in closet to rummage around. When she walked out, Alex was carrying a chest full of toys. Laying them down at the foot of the bed, Alex crawled in-between Amelia’s spread thighs, laying tit to tit with Amelia before undoing the multiple gags used to silence Amelia. Before Amelia could even say thank you, Alex devoured her mouth, plunging her tongue deep into her throat. This time around, Amelia responded in kind, hungrily kissing her rescuer. Alex rubbed her breasts against Amelia’s causing both women to moan into the other’s mouth as their erect nipples came into contact with each other.

Amelia through her head back and let out a loud moan when Alex pressed one of her knees against her mound. “Please…” Amelia panted.

Giving her a saucy grin, Alex got off the bed, laughing as Amelia voiced her disapproval. When she turned back, she was wearing a 10-inch strap on that rivaled Melissa’s. Amelia’s eyes widened slightly in fear.

“Don’t worry, I checked to make sure semen wasn’t injected into this one. I don’t think either of us is ready for a child.”

Amelia sighed in relief and nodded in agreement. “Wait.” She smiled sheepishly at Alex’s questioning look. “Could you grab the penis gag? I..I wouldn’t mind having something to suck on.” She blushed as Alex laughed, but she granted the request and grabbed the strap of the gag as she climbed back onto the bed.

“You will have to be patient with me. I have never had a dick before, although I always wondered what it would feel like,” Alex confided.

Amelia laughed with her. “Take all the time you need. Feel free to make several attempts while you are at it. Hey, now you really are the She-Devil with a sword!”  

Alex smirked at her, “Ok, that is enough out of you.” Alex inserted the penis gag into Amelia’s open mouth, the latter moaning as her lips encased the black rubber. Alex was momentarily transfixed by the dream like quality of Amelia’s eyes and the way her cheeks hollowed out as she began to slowly suck on the phallus lodged in her mouth.

“I will take that as my cue to join the fun.” Alex kissed Amelia’s gagged mouth before positioning herself in-between Amelia’s thighs. She made quick work ripping off her thong, delighting in Amelia’s nearly naked pussy, a red landing strip ending right before her folds. Alex nuzzled that soft patch of hair, making Amelia giggle and squeal in the process. Alex licked at the top of Amelia’s folds, savoring her sweet feminine liquid.

Wanting to get to get to the main event, Alex positioned the head of the dildo at Amelia’s entrance and gently began to push her way into her feminine center, stopping at Amelia’s loud moan. Amelia locked eyes with Alex and rolling her hips, trying to urge Alex to continue her exploration. Alex grinned and pushed inside until she was hilt deep in Amelia, meeting skin to skin. “You are so beautiful,” Alex whispered before rearing back and slamming back into Amelia’s sweet folds.

Amelia would have returned the sentiment, but besides being gagged, she soon got lost in the frantic rhythm that Alex set. Their breasts slapped together with each thrust, Alex planted her hands on Amelia’s breasts and squeezed with each thrust, hard. Amelia let out a bellowing moan as she was rushed through her first orgasm right into the next one. Alex thrust a hand in-between the harness and her pussy so she could bring herself to an orgasm, it didn’t take much after watching the way Amelia reacted to her ministrations. After a handful of orgasms, Alex was forced to slow her thrusts until she eventually collapsed on top of Amelia, panting for breath. Alex suckled on Amelia’s breast since it was right by her mouth anyway. Amelia gave a languid moan, the suckling a pleasant feeling as she made her descent from multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

“Are you ok?” Alex asked for the second time that dad. Amelia was able to muster enough energy to nod her head, barely. Alex unbuckled the gag, lazily kissing Amelia once her mouth was free.

“Thank you,” Amelia said with sincerity. “For everything,” she laughed.

“You are most welcome.” Alex stroked Amelia’s cheek before lifting herself up from Amelia, finally starting the task of freeing Amelia.

Once she was freed, Amelia found the clothes she had originally been wearing when she arrived to Melissa’s McMansion. Alex called the cops and waited with Amelia by the struggling Melissa who hadn’t managed to escape her bonds. After regaling the cops with the events of the day, minus everything that happened after Alex knocked Melissa out. Melissa was arrested, once again, with kidnapping, sexual assault, and unlawful imprisonment. Amelia didn’t think she would get a slap on the wrist this time. Not only did she assault a law enforcement officer, she no longer had the support of her parents. She was sentenced to 20 years in a federal prison. Her marriage to Amelia was annulled given the fact that it was without Amelia’s consent—the officiate was also arrested and convicted-- plus, they never consummated the marriage.

Amelia stood outside of the courtroom with her hands in her suit pockets, nervously looking at Alex who had come as a witness one day and for moral support the rest of the trial. The two of them had minimal contact after that day in Melissa’s house, but Amelia couldn’t shake her feeling of affection for the buxom starlet. Alex looked just as nervous before finally decided to hug Amelia. “Look me up the next time you are in town?”

“Most definitely. Or, if you end up in New York for press or whatever, give me a call,” Amelia stuttered.

Alex gave her a sweet smile, “I promise you will hear from me.”

Amelia smiled back. “Well, break a leg, or whatever they say these days to actors for good luck.”

Alex laughed, bringing Amelia in for another close embrace. “See you later, Special Agent Carson.”



Amelia regretted that she had never reached out to Alex since that day. She followed her career, always making time to watch her show or whatever press she did, however minor. She wished with all of her heart that Alex had been here tonight to save her once again. Alex squirmed now that Elsa was sucking on her breast like a pacifier as she slept curled around her. She wondered what was next for her now that Isabella Capello had her in her trap. Would she ever see Alex Marstin again? 

An Unwelcome Proposal Conclusion:A SA Carson Story
The conclusion of the story I am submitting into :icondestroxxiv:'s forced wedding contest. I meant for Alex Marstin to be a one off character, but I have a feeling she will come back in other stories. 

Mature Content

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“Mmmffph!” Special Agent Amelia Carson cried out for what like the hundredth time tonight. After Isabella Capello was finally done with her for the evening, her colleague—as well as her second captor—Elsa Parker had happily smuggled her back into her hotel room.  Once there, Elsa lashed Amelia to her twin bed in a position she was, unfortunately, becoming familiar: spread eagle. Amelia would have put up a fight, but she was physically and mentally exhausted from her ordeal. She had put in token resistance when Elsa and Isabella first freed her, but they were well practiced in restraining an unwilling damsel and had laughed at her as they put her back in the restraints that she had willingly put on herself as an investigative technique only a few hours ago: transport cuffs that secured her hands behind her back and kept her ankles shackled and a sleep mask used as a makeshift blindfold. They decided to keep the ballgag rather than the original tape gag because Mistress Capello just loved how the cherry red contrasted with her alabaster skin.

“Until we meet again, pet”. Mistress Capello stuck a needle in Amelia’s arm so she could administer the sleeping drug that would ensure her new plaything would sleep all the way back to the hotel. Amelia had slept until they were back in Amelia’s—at least she assumed it was hers—hotel room. She tried to cry out in the dim hopes that her male colleagues would hear her—hotel rooms are notorious for having paper thin walls—but logically she knew they weren’t so thin they would penetrate the second room over; Amelia was beginning to understand just how much of an upper hand Elsa had with her adjoining room. Besides, Elsa was still groggy from the drug, so while in her mind she was screaming her head off, in reality only a pitiful whimper escaped her mouth.

“Don’t worry, Amelia.” Elsa said with cheer—something Amelia didn’t even know she could feel before the events of tonight— “I will have you tucked in real soon.”  Elsa was true to her word. After an embarrassing, chaperoned, trip to the bathroom, Elsa efficiently tied Amelia to the bed, gave Amelia’s ballgagged mouth a good night kiss, and then snuggled in close, curling around Amelia’s torso before resting her head on Amelia’s right breast and falling into a sound sleep.

Amelia wish she could have done the same, her body desperately needed the rest, but she couldn’t ignore the painful stretch of her limbs or the vibrator that Elsa had oh so generously left deeply imbedded in Amelia’s snatch. As Amelia came down from her latest orgasm, she focused on the weight of Elsa’s head on her breast and listened to her even breathing—her breath constantly teasing Amelia’s nipple (as if she needed the extra stimulation). It reminded Amelia of another dicey situation she had found herself in when she was still a rookie…



Amelia stood in front of the ornately carved door to the Mcmansion of an heiress turned convict Melissa Green. Melissa had been Amelia’s first big case. Amelia had been the lead investigator in a stalking case of a rising actress, Alex Marstin. Alex had recently been cast in the highly anticipated reboot of “Red Sonja”.  Of course, she got a lot of mail from the comic book nerds once the poster came out with her in the metal-chain bikini, and rightfully so. She filled out the bikini perfectly, the bra barely concealing her large breasts, and the bottoms that would have been considered a thong if it weren’t for the swath of metal that covered just enough of her butt to be tasteful, but not enough to conceal her rounded, muscular cheeks. She also hefted a large sword above her head, lifting her impressive chest. The boys delighted in writing her what kind of swords they would like to wield on her body, weren’t they clever?

There was one fan in particular that disturbed her though. It started off with a photo of Alex that had been manipulated so that wore a wedding veil on top of her head, grinning into the camera. Alex laughed it off, but then she started getting phone calls late at night. Nobody would answer when she picked up, instead the wedding march would play over the line. Alex began to get annoyed, but she wasn’t scared yet. She went along her business shooting scenes and promoting the series to the press. It was during interviews that she started getting the feeling that she was being watched. She shrugged it off though because of course she was being watched! She was the lead actress in a major new series. She probably was just developing a sense for the paparazzi, and weren’t they annoying?

It wasn’t until she started dating her costar, David—a muscular hunk who got his start as an underwear model—that she knew something was really wrong. They had only been dating a few weeks when David’s car was vandalized. The tires had been slashed, the car keyed, and an unmistakable message spray painted on the windshield: Stay Away From Red!

That is when the FBI was contacted—only the best of the best for a rising actress. Amelia was given the case and she took Amelia’s statement in her home. Amelia was impressed with the young woman, but she could also tell the young woman was frightened by the escalation from this “fan”. “Don’t worry, Ms. Marstin. We will protect you, and I will personally see that this warped individual is brought to justice.”  Amelia worked tirelessly on the case, sending all of the gifts to the lab, sending samples and pictures of David’s windshield as well, hoping that they might learn something from the handwriting or the material used to write the menacing message. All she was able to ascertain for certain was that the message had been written in lipstick—probably borrowed from his mother or sister—and that the lipstick was high end. All in all, she had hit a dead end. In the meantime, she had a team tail Alex and David to try and catch a glimpse of the culprit, and to offer a sense of security. Amelia would have been discouraged, but she felt like something was going to break soon, especially since Comic Con was approaching and Alex was going to be on a panel to help promote the new show, followed by a meet and greet. The event was sure to draw a lot of fans, and with any luck her stalker would show themselves. Alex was frightened and wanted to cancel the meet and greet, but Amelia was able to talk her into it, promising that she and her team would be watching anyone within a 100 yards of her like a hawk. The young starlet relented, she wanted her stalker captured so she could go back to enjoying her life and her new romance.

So here they were. The panel was going well. Alex proved to be charming and funny. Giving the fans what they wanted. Amelia surveyed the crowd, a mix of Red Sonjas, Conans, and a handful of other popular characters in the comic book world. They were all eagerly watching Alex, but nobody gave off an overly creepy vibe. The same was true during the meet and greet, where Amelia was once again impressed with the young starlet she was tasked with protecting. It was obvious to Amelia that the young woman was stressed, expecting to come face to face with her stalker, but nobody else seemed to notice. Alex knew how to play to her fans. She was warm and engaging with every fan that approached her—even the ones who were so star struck they stuttered, giggled uncontrollably, or overtly stared at her enviable assets.

It wasn’t until the whole event was over and Amelia had escorted Alex to her hotel room that she let her pent up emotions flow. “Nobody? Are you sure?”

“I am sorry, Alex. We watched the area the whole time, and nobody rang any bells.” Amelia nodded the agent who had been keeping guard of Alex’s room. “All quiet?”

“All quiet, the only visitor to this floor was the cleaning lady, and I swept her cart just to be sure.”

Satisfied, Amelia used Alex’s key card to unlock her door and do her own sweep before letting the starlet inside. She noticed the single rose on the bed, with something that sparkled on the stem, and the bottle of champagne that was on ice next to the bed. She filed it away and continued her sweep looking for someone hiding in the shadows or a mysterious packages—well, additional mysterious packages, somehow she didn’t think Alex had ordered the champagne or the single rose—finding nothing, Amelia went back to the door and looked at the agent who was on the door. “What did the cleaning lady look like?”

“Why?” Alex was immediately on alert, her already frayed nerves practically undone at this point.

Amelia sent her a quick smile that was meant to be reassuring, but she didn’t bother to see if it had the desired effect, instead focusing once again on the agent.

“Middle-aged Hispanic. She didn’t say anything. She looked nervous, but I assumed it was because she wasn’t used to seeing a man guarding a hotel room door,” the agent admitted with a sheepish shrug.

Amelia nodded her understanding. “I need you to have her sent back up. I think she left something in Alex’s room.”

“What??” Alex’s nerves officially gone.

Amelia turned back to Alex and sighed, steeling herself for what was next. “You need to see this.” She led Alex back into the hotel suite and directed her attention to the bed. With shaking hands, Alex picked up the rose and the sparkling diamond that had been tied to the stem with a red ribbon. It was a beautiful, expensive, Princess cut engagement ring.

“What the fuck?” She looked back to the champagne bottle on the nightstand and went to grab the card.

“Wait!” Amelia stopped her and put on a glove before picking up the card and putting it in a plastic bag before giving it back to Alex. “They haven’t slipped up yet, but we can always hope they might have left a fingerprint behind,” Amelia explained.

Alex nodded absently, but her gaze was riveted on the note that was left for her:

My dearest bride, I am sorry I could not be there in person to propose, but I know there is a crowd around, and I would much rather have a more…intimate setting. Please accept this ring as my undying promise to love and provide for you. I will reveal myself to you soon enough, and we can finally start our new life in wedded bliss.


  Your Eternal Lover


Alex let out a shuddering squeak before collapsing on the bed and dissolving into tears. Amelia gave her a sympathetic look after she read the note for herself. Her hand automatically reaching for her gun at the knock on the door. The guard stuck his head into the room, “I have the maid for you, ma’am.”

“I will be right back Alex.” Amelia left Alex to wail alone while she stepped back out into the hall. The maid wasn’t faring much better than Alex. She was shaking where she stood, tears coursing down her cheeks in fear.

“Sorry! I sorry! Por Favor!”

Either this woman was an actress deserving an academy award, or what was more likely was that she was an unsuspecting pawn in Alex’s stalker’s game. Amelia took pity on the sniveling maid and patted her shoulder while directing her questions to the maid’s supervisor who was there to act as a translator.

“Where did she get the rose and diamond she left in Ms. Marstin’s room?”

“She says someone gave her the gifts to bury in her cart and paid her 100 dollars to lay them out in her room. They said it was an anniversary surprise.” 

“What did they look like?”

“They were in costume, a Spiderman costume. Totally covered.”

“Height? What did their voice sound like? Deep or high? Any accent?

“Average height, and she doesn’t know about their voice because it was muffled by the costume.”

Amelia let out a frustrated breath, making the maid hunch her shoulders even more. “Thank her for her assistance,” Amelia asked. The supervisor nodded and led the maid away down the hall. “This bastard sure is careful. She turned to the other agent. “Send the note and the ring to Quantico. See if they can lift any fingerprints or trace where the ring was purchased. I bet the bastard didn’t wear a Spiderman costume when buying such an expensive ring.”

“Got it.” The agent scurried away to do Amelia’s bidding, kicking himself over the slip in security on his watch.

Amelia went back into the room to try and console Alex, praying that there would be an end to this case soon for all their sakes.



The next few days were uneventful. Alex returned back to her house she was renting while filming, going about her busy schedule with a contingent of agents that accompanied her to and from her destinations. As expected, there were no fingerprints on any of the gifts left in Alex’s hotel room, but they got a hit on the ring; a family heirloom belonging to one of Hollywood’s wealthy families: The Greens. Mr. Green was one of Hollywood’s most sought after producers for Hollywood blockbusters, and wasn’t it interesting that he happened to be a producer on the very show that Alex Marstin was working on? Mr. Green, unlike most men in Hollywood, was still on his first marriage; to his high school sweetheart, an additional rarity. Maybe he decided it was time for an upgrade, unfortunately for Alex, he had his sights set on the gorgeous new leading lady in the business. The Greens had one daughter, aged 25. (the same age as his new obsession. Disgusting!) Mr. Green had filed an insurance claim on the ring—a pretty smart move to cover his tracks to Amelia’s way of thinking. Amelia was still mulling over this new revelation when she pulled up to the gates of the production lot. She flashed her badge before being admitted into the lot. She parked the car and made her way to Alex’s trailer. She wanted to fill her in on the newest developments before she moved in on Mr. Green.  Amelia stopped by one of her team who was guarding the door to Alex’s trailer.

“Any visitors?”

“Yeah, some producer’s daughter is in there with her.”

Amelia’s antenna went up. “What’s her name?”

The other agent looked down at the clipboard. “Melissa Green.”

Had Melissa found out about her daughter stalking Alex and was apologizing on his behalf? There was only one way to find out. Amelia pushed open the door, deciding not to knock and announce her presence. Melissa might be willing to pour out her heart to her dad’s victim, but it might be an entirely different story when law enforcement showed up. Family ties could be weird like that.

Amelia carefully made her way down the hallway, grateful for the plush carpeting that concealed her footsteps. She heard voices, but couldn’t make anything out at the moment. When she got closer she realized the conversation was one-sided.

“I have waited so long for this moment, sweetie.” How long had she known about her dad’s criminal hobby? Amelia’s reflection was interrupted by a muffled whimper. Of course, Alex could have buried her face in Melissa’s shirt while she cried, relieved that she finally knew the identity of her stalker. Amelia remembered the way Alex had curled up into herself when she broke down in the hotel room. Well, it would appear that Melissa beat her to the punch.

Amelia pushed open the partially closed door that led into Melissa’s sleeping quarters and stopped dead in her tracks. She realized in half a second that she had it all wrong. Alex was far from curled into a ball. In fact, she was stretched out spread eagle on her bed, her wrists and ankles lashed to the bed posts. The whimpers that Amelia had heard came from behind a giant red ballgag that had been crammed in-between Alex’s perfect teeth. The only clothing on Alex’s body was the chain-mail bottoms—the chain-mail bra had been discarded earlier—and Melissa had a generous handful of Alex’s enviable bust, in the middle of kneading them when Amelia crashed the party.

“Ooh, another redhead! Sorry, honey, I am already taken.” Melissa confessed, as if this situation were totally normal.

After about 5 seconds of gaping—filled with Alex’s frantic, muffled cries for help—Amelia was able to recover enough to unholster her gun, point it at Melissa and declare, “Freeze! FBI! You are under arrest! Turn around and put your hands on top of your head!”


Amelia shook her head, still standing outside of Melissa Green’s McMansion. She remembered how Melissa had laughed at her order, saying that she would much rather keep her hands on Alex’s pillowy breasts. It wasn’t until the other agents cuffed her and dragged her off of Alex’s struggling body that she put up her own fight, screaming at the top of her lungs that they had no right to tear her away from her bride. Didn’t they know who she was? She made all kinds of threats while they escorted her to the police station, where she was formally charged with stalking, menacing, and sexual assault. Amelia remembered the highly publicized trial— “Red Sonja” had just started to air and Alex had shot to superstardom, thanks in part to the notoriety of the case, but also thanks the show’s success—Alex, of course, was the star witness. She had been strong, but she also garnered sympathy as she gave testimony of her assault in a quavering voice. Even with a star witness, and the testimony of Amelia who had caught Melissa in the act, Melissa was sentenced to 5 years house arrest.  Amelia was appalled at the overt miscarriage of justice just because of Melissa’s standing in society, but she would have to be happy with a conviction. Plus, it meant that her first case was successfully resolved.

Now, Amelia was knocking on Melissa’s front door. The disturbed young woman had reached out to the special agent, wanting to apologize for her behavior in person. Amelia assumed Melissa also wanted her to relay a similar message to Alex—she couldn’t do it in person because Alex had immediately filed for a restraining order once she had been freed. Amelia was cautiously optimistic that Melissa was sincerely contrite, but given the crazy look she had seen in her eyes, and her bizarre behavior leading up to the attack, Amelia reserved her right to judge until after their meeting.

Amelia was surprised when Melissa answered the door herself, expecting a butler to admit her. “Special Agent Carson! Thank you for coming. Please, come in.”

“Thank you.” Amelia carefully stepped inside, already thrown off by Melissa’s perky attitude.

“Please, follow me into the living room. I already have tea prepared for us. It is so hot out. Although, I guess I wouldn’t know much about that.”  Melissa laughed at her own joke.

Amelia’s level of uncomfortableness increased, but she decided to tough it out and see what happened. She sat down on a plush couch, opposite of Melissa who had taken a seat at a love seat. Melissa poured the tea and handed Amelia a glass. She laughed and took a sip of her own, sensing Amelia’s unease. Amelia laughed herself, she was being ridiculous! Melissa was harmless, a convict who was trying to correct the error of her ways. She gave Melissa an embarrassed smile before taking a big pull from the tea.

“So,,” Amelia tried to shake her head to clear out the cobwebs, but even that movement was sluggish. A look of fear flashed in her eyes as she felt herself list to the left until she fell over completely on her side. She heard Melissa’s laugh as if she were underwater. Before she passed out, Amelia watched as Melissa spit out the tea she had pretended to drink.

“Yes, Special Agent Carson. I do want. I want you.”

An Unwelcome Proposal PtI: A SA Carson Story
Part 1 of my submission into :icondestroxxiv:'s Forced Wedding Contest. I decided to make it a somewhat continuation of my first OC's story. It starts off where we left her, but is mostly a flashback to her first case. 


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